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Carrying on from where I left off in my last blog, after the fire at Sunset Villa everything in the main house was gutted with fire as the damage was extensive, and Danny Van Bylen the owner set about reconstructing the entire house and outside annexes, as well as the grounds.

Being a stickler for detail and striving for perfection and doing a lot of research for the best materials available, the project was finally completed, he has several guy's who do the maintenance including the pool, hot tub, outside shower, as well as staff to clean up on a daily basis, the whole area is spotless and air conditioning in all rooms , it is situated just 10 minutes away from a beautiful beach with golden sands there are several bars to choose from, and local shops, all buildings are in a compound which has 24/7 security guards, the prices are very reasonable and the staff are very friendly and cooperative, here is also a full time Chef, The last time I was there I got back quite late and hadn't eaten, Danny went and picked up the Chef and brought him back to get me some supper, so nothing is too much troubleThese following photo's were taken by Danny last week with an iPhone 11, he presently has the house on the market as he feels he wants to return to live in Belgium full time so anyone who knows anyone please get in touch.

Beautiful Kenyan Sunset, this is the view of the upstairs staircase to the bedrooms.

Views at night with lights on is breathtaking.

These are the staff quarters who are very friendly.

Video taken with drone Saturday 1-8-20

Whilst I was there I found that he has a drone and some of the scenes are spectacular as he flies over the house you can see the Indian Ocean in the distance with the beautiful beach, I flew to Diani from Nairobi on Jambo Jet and it is 1 hour in the air and just 10 minute drive from Diani airport.

It is popular with Kenyans for week end breaks and extended holidays as well as International travellers.

The evenings are so warm here

All rooms are En-Suite.

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I have now finished the photo I was working on, and if you remember I said I would put it up when finished,

I was nearly finished and found the field on the right was a wheat field, I am always amazed at the more detail you notice when doing these old photos, sometimes they are quite challenging, and difficult to distinguish what it actually is in the old image that is just a series of different shades of grey, I decided to put some birds into the scene for effect and feel this is quite well balanced for a photo that is 73 years old, I still get a little frustrated when it doesn't come out as clear and as sharp as a photo taken today but there it is, it is certainly a worthwhile process to bring an old photo alive again.

Sunset Villa Diani Kenya

This is a hotel I have been to twice now and have got to know the owner very well and we have become close friends he is a Belgian and spends approximately six months a year in Kenya, but it is a beautiful place only 10 minutes from a beautiful golden sand beach

I took a pile of photos as it was going dusk one night using a tripod with long exposure, I very rarely use a flash as it just screws photos up, in some instances you haven't got any choice, here I changed the sky for effect and made some lightening for even more effect, and then put several filters on it for even more effect and warmth.

Here is the standard photo as I took it.

I think the colours are just fantastic and this place is just awesome, I really do like staying there.

This waterfall is in the grounds and on the right is the outside bar with a makuti roof, they look fantastic but a serious fire hazard, a few years ago Sunset had a Makuti roof that got hit by lightening one evening, they barely had enough time to get out before it burned to the ground it goes up like throwing petrol on a fire, straw, wooden beams, hot climate, you do the math, this photo had the treatment, I built the wall on top as it was just a bit of tin, I put some filters on the image and colour layers and here we are.

These are the grounds as seen from the main house, I replaced the sky with this beautiful sunset, and a bit more messing around and there it is, the Rhino and Elephant are actually concrete but look very effective.

I will continue with Sunset Villa in my next blog shortly and have some more photos for you.

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I have been fascinated with the colourising of black and white photos for a long time and have now done over 130 of them, everyone has a story to tell, a capture of an instance in time of maybe a close family member or extended member and even strangers, one of the consistent problems with every photo is that they need a lot of work before I can start the colourising process, apart from tears, creases, drink spots, mould, and just general grunge from the ravages of time, and white spots, not to mention over exposure, under exposure, grainy and faded, some of the photo’s date back to the late 1800’s when cameras were still in their infancy, the lenses not that great or the settings which control the light, the white spots I find on every photo are actually dust particles present in the camera at time of shooting, this was still a problem until digital cameras took over from the 35 mm film, of course engineering didn’t have the advancements they have today to produce items to tight manufacturing tolerances, metal wasn’t used in camera design and construction until the 1920’s, but even with the old cameras you have to open them up to insert the roll of film and dirt gets in, but of course dust is an enemy of anything that involves optics, damage I can repair but a poorly taken photo in the first place is another issue, out of focus, and grainy are the most difficult to overcome, sometimes I look at them after completing the process, and find myself criticising my own work as I have done the best I can, sometimes doing the process twice, but by today’s standards there is just no comparison, occasionally you will get a photo taken with a medium format camera of the day such as a Rollei, Hasselblad Zeis Ikon obviously in black and white and colouring these fine images is so much easier than some I have had to work with and the quality is good when finished as you see a lot more detail.

Trousers on left have had damage removed, trousers on right will go through the same process.

I find my mind wondering about the people in the photo’s who were they, where did they live, when did they die, on occasions I study the photo for any detail, so I can date the photo like an old car, or aeroplane, I then find myself investigating so as to pin down the date and place the photo was taken, and then investigate the history, some already have date and place written on the back with the subjects names, in some cases scanning these and darkening them in photoshop so as able to read the inscription as they are so faded over time, every photograph has a story to tell and I try to bring life back to that instance in history with the colours and moments from the photographers eye to the best quality I can achieve, if there is the back of a chair just peeping in to the side of the image I will remove it and clean up the vacated are to blend in, or maybe there is a wooden post or a tree branch that needs to be erased anything, to make the photo as pleasing and the best that can be achieved as seen on that day.

The image on the right is only part way through the colourising process, I will post the finished image in my next blog, this photo incidentally was taken in 1947, the before photo has a washed out sky, I decided to put birds in the after photo when I was doing the sky.

The image on the left was only a little larger than a postage stamp, the image on the right is after completion, I couldn't resist removing the bags from under the eyes and felt the Kenyan flag went well with this Kenyan gentleman, anything is possible,

this image was sent to me via whats app and of very low quality. Image on right when finished is 300 ppi which is print quality.

These images were taken in Evesham, Worcestershire, England, in 1964, this was a difficult image as a lot of detail involved with the railings and the signpost, all has to be considered and dealt with, but the result is worth it, even the tax disc has to be researched to get the colour right, and 1964 can just be seen on a high resolution image, this is actually my sister, my Father took this photo.

I finished this yesterday just beautiful, and the model is ok as well, (just joking) taken in 1956 in a studio setting with medium format camera, it has even picked up the frame number, I had to make a new decal in Illustrator to go on the oil tank to get it perfect, but it was a quicker proposition than trying to colour the old one, but I had to remove the original first, it is hard to think that was 64 years ago.

If you have any old photos that are dear to you and you would like me to put them through this process please get in touch via email and I will be pleased to supply you with a no obligation quotation, my prices are very reasonable usually between £20.00 and £50.00 depending on how much detail there is in the photo, if you have several you want doing I am happy to discuss a more favourable price, and please keep looking out for my blogs, I will be posting again in a couple of days.

Kind Regards