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Finishing colourising black and white.

I have now finished the photo I was working on, and if you remember I said I would put it up when finished,

I was nearly finished and found the field on the right was a wheat field, I am always amazed at the more detail you notice when doing these old photos, sometimes they are quite challenging, and difficult to distinguish what it actually is in the old image that is just a series of different shades of grey, I decided to put some birds into the scene for effect and feel this is quite well balanced for a photo that is 73 years old, I still get a little frustrated when it doesn't come out as clear and as sharp as a photo taken today but there it is, it is certainly a worthwhile process to bring an old photo alive again.

Sunset Villa Diani Kenya

This is a hotel I have been to twice now and have got to know the owner very well and we have become close friends he is a Belgian and spends approximately six months a year in Kenya, but it is a beautiful place only 10 minutes from a beautiful golden sand beach

I took a pile of photos as it was going dusk one night using a tripod with long exposure, I very rarely use a flash as it just screws photos up, in some instances you haven't got any choice, here I changed the sky for effect and made some lightening for even more effect, and then put several filters on it for even more effect and warmth.

Here is the standard photo as I took it.

I think the colours are just fantastic and this place is just awesome, I really do like staying there.

This waterfall is in the grounds and on the right is the outside bar with a makuti roof, they look fantastic but a serious fire hazard, a few years ago Sunset had a Makuti roof that got hit by lightening one evening, they barely had enough time to get out before it burned to the ground it goes up like throwing petrol on a fire, straw, wooden beams, hot climate, you do the math, this photo had the treatment, I built the wall on top as it was just a bit of tin, I put some filters on the image and colour layers and here we are.

These are the grounds as seen from the main house, I replaced the sky with this beautiful sunset, and a bit more messing around and there it is, the Rhino and Elephant are actually concrete but look very effective.

I will continue with Sunset Villa in my next blog shortly and have some more photos for you.

Kind Regards


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