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Welcome to my new site

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

This is the last on my things to do list for this site to get up and running

Floating Graphic Grsign

Over the next few days I will be fine tuning as I progress and will follow up with a more in-depth blog in a couple of days, with a variety of content from work just completed to before and after photo's, pointers for using photoshop and Illustrator in the way of shortcuts etc. I will also be putting up videos, of a variety of subjects Internet related and other, I want to try and not seam boring so will try and keep my content to the point and sometimes short and sweet.

My Harley Davidson

I am a keen Motorcyclist

I have been riding motorcycles since I was a young boy, and have the injuries to prove it, I just love all motorcycles of different types, vintage, classic, modern, road, off-road,I have also raced them, but nowadays I prefer the more relaxed riding of Harleys, that sound is just really awesome, nothing like it, I will be talking about some of my experiences as time goes on with some of my touring ventures, one thing I did notice when touring on a motorcycle as to a car, first thing you never feel like going to sleep, secondly you see an awful lot more that passes you by when sat in a car seat, you smell the air and feel the day, this is supposed to be about digital design and I am rambling on, forgive me as I must now go and finish this site so it feels just right. be in touch in a couple of days.

Kind Regards


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