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Sunset Villa Diani Kenya

Carrying on from where I left off in my last blog, after the fire at Sunset Villa everything in the main house was gutted with fire as the damage was extensive, and Danny Van Bylen the owner set about reconstructing the entire house and outside annexes, as well as the grounds.

Being a stickler for detail and striving for perfection and doing a lot of research for the best materials available, the project was finally completed, he has several guy's who do the maintenance including the pool, hot tub, outside shower, as well as staff to clean up on a daily basis, the whole area is spotless and air conditioning in all rooms , it is situated just 10 minutes away from a beautiful beach with golden sands there are several bars to choose from, and local shops, all buildings are in a compound which has 24/7 security guards, the prices are very reasonable and the staff are very friendly and cooperative, here is also a full time Chef, The last time I was there I got back quite late and hadn't eaten, Danny went and picked up the Chef and brought him back to get me some supper, so nothing is too much troubleThese following photo's were taken by Danny last week with an iPhone 11, he presently has the house on the market as he feels he wants to return to live in Belgium full time so anyone who knows anyone please get in touch.

Beautiful Kenyan Sunset, this is the view of the upstairs staircase to the bedrooms.

Views at night with lights on is breathtaking.

These are the staff quarters who are very friendly.

Video taken with drone Saturday 1-8-20

Whilst I was there I found that he has a drone and some of the scenes are spectacular as he flies over the house you can see the Indian Ocean in the distance with the beautiful beach, I flew to Diani from Nairobi on Jambo Jet and it is 1 hour in the air and just 10 minute drive from Diani airport.

It is popular with Kenyans for week end breaks and extended holidays as well as International travellers.

The evenings are so warm here

All rooms are En-Suite.

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